New American Paintings

Steven Stodor

San Francisco, CA / / @_stodor_

Through multiple layers of Mylar, transparent colored plastic, and spray paint, under resin, I

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New American Paintings1 мин. чтения
Greg Ito
Los Angeles, CA / @gregitooo Attuned to beauty in tragedy, Greg Ito’s paintings and installations operate like quasi–film sets though pared-down, minimal, and dreamlike, emphasizing mood and symbols rather than crystalized detail. Ito
New American Paintings2 мин. чтения
Grace Lynne Haynes
Newark, NJ / / @bygracelynne Grace Lynne Haynes creates lusciously composed paintings containing bright textures and patterns. Intricate moments are juxtaposed against flat, black swaths of paint shaped to
New American Paintings1 мин. чтения
David Hendrickson
Pasadena, CA / / @dvdhndrcksn My paintings recombine, repeat, redact, and crop elements, materials, and objects to elicit a sense of absurdist absence and alienation. Digitally manipulating and collaging