New American Paintings

Bryan Ali Sanchez

San Diego, CA / / @bryan_ali_sanchez

My paintings deal with the inequalities of class structure, depicting the hardships of the working class. As a first-generation Mexican American,

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Eric Huebsch
Los Angeles, CA / / @cockandoodle I consider the sponge my “spirit animal.” Constantly absorbing, filtering, and releasing: that’s how the sponge survives, and as an artist I am doing the same. I strive to
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Alexandra Noel
Los Angeles, CA Alexandra Noel’s small-scale paintings and sculptures deal with issues of representation, agency, age, scale, and our relationship with digital media and screen time. Her work concerns the tension between flatness and depth in a psych
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Juror’s Selections
The following section is presented in alphabetical order. Biographical information has been edited. Prices for available work may be found on p196. ■