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Thrilled to see his nephew with the smart, passionate Persian woman, an intrigued Hamid (Amir Rahimzadeh) orchestrates reasons for Ash to continually bump into her, before suggesting that Ash

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Happily ensconced in her relationship with Chance, Abby is especially glad to have her boyfriend to lean on in the wake of her grandmother Dina’s sad death. Holding her close, Chance soothes her with the suggestion to cherish the memories she has of
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Devil Dad’s Daring Move
Lost in a grief-fuelled fog for several days since learning of Vincent’s claim that he fatally shot Ciara after she survived the car explosion at the airfield, Ben has only one thought on his mind. Having stolen Vincent’s gun, he caresses it intently
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What Else Is Happening?
Will Alina (Ruxandra Porojnicu) be won over by Adam’s (Sam Robertson) sexy charms as he sets out to make his estranged wife, Sarah (Tina O’Brien), jealous? It’s a dark day in the Barlow house as Tracy (Kate Ford) and the family await news that will