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We received so many fantastic reviews! Introducing our first lucky winner: here’s what TG reader Sasha had to say about the new book by Jacqueline Harvey!

So vivid!

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How Boo-tiful!
✦ Clean glass jar with a plastic lid ✦ Wooden craft door knob ✦ Black acrylic paint ✦ Paintbrush ✦ Water-based varnish ✦ Craft glue ✦ 2cm black ribbon – long enough to wrap around the jar ✦ Novelty ghost buttons ✦ Glow-in-the-dark yellow fabric paint
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Spruce up a plain old photo frame with your glitter stickers! Position where you want them first, then peel off the back and stick on. Add a touch of glam to everyday items: your hairbrush, mirror, notebooks, tablet case… Personalise DIY gifts with
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Hey TGs!
Hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray! This month we’re celebrating Total Girl’s very special 18th birthday. Can you believe this magazine has been around for that long?! We’re the same age as Maddie Ziegler. LOL! This month, we’re also getting into the s