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xperiments have shown that simple reactivity

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Science Illustrated2 мин. чтенияAstronomy & Space Sciences
Life On Earth Could Be Observed From More Than 1000 Stars
ASTRONOMY Over the past few decades, astronomers have discovered more than 4000 exoplanets − those orbiting other stars − within our galaxy, the Milky Way. Some of these could harbour life, perhaps even intelligent civilisations which might, like our
Science Illustrated1 мин. чтения
Space In Space For Seven
→If the booster rocket fails during launch, eight SuperDraco engines of 73,000 newtons each can quickly steer the space capsule away from the rocket. →16 small Draco thrusters make it possible to steer the craft in space. Each thruster is responsible
Science Illustrated1 мин. чтенияChemistry
Heat Splits Atoms
1 At ordinary temperatures, aluminium, which is used in everything from beer cans to planes, is a solid in which the atoms are locked in a crystal grid. The grid remains intact until melting point. 2 Aluminium melts at a temperature of 660°C, becomin