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Remembering Rahat Indori: A fiery solace

Despite often being scoffed at by the purists, Rahat Indori’s evocative and easily graspable poetry, richly expressive of life and our common social concerns, makes him the poet of the masses. The fiery poet passed away on August 11, 2020.

My introduction to Rahat Indori had the background score of thunderous applause - just as his name was announced at the Mushaira. A dark bald man – looking more like a retired PSU employee than a poet – slowly walked to the centre of the stage. As his recitation unfurled – a street-drawl tone laced with mischievous wincing of one eye, smirks, and sarcastic laugher – it was like an impassioned personal conversation with humanity.

Zooming on him with my long lens, I saw his eyes were not on the audience, they

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