Sept 2–10 with its sensitive Full Moon and Earth and Water harmonies helps Cancer put in place some kinder routines and healing checkpoints, to safeguard against later regrets: Spring Equinox on Sept 22–23 is one of the year’s balancing points, but for you it activates your family, vocational and partnership signs. The focus is a trio of Capricorn planets bringing an obsessive energy to your partner sign. This applies to either you or someone close being in danger of pushing themselves too hard. You find a greater sense of balance by Oct 12 and Oct 26–27 brings a fortunate illumination.


Life has thrown some curveballs your way, but late Aug reconnects

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Interesting Slices Of Life
If you watched with bemused dismay as your fellow citizens responded to a viral pandemic by buying all the toilet paper they could carry, then this study may answer some of your questions. In March 2020 toilet paper sales increased by up to 700 per c
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Recent Medical Findings For A Healthier Body
This study of 2800 people aged 50 and over looked to see if there was a relationship between intake of flavonoids from food and the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Significantly, the study took place over 20 years. Flavonoids are found i
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Healing The Mystery
Imagine waking up on a Monday morning to start your new job and you’re overwhelmingly tired. Despite the long sleep you had, you feel as if you literally got hit by a train the night before. You drag yourself out of bed and slowly start getting ready