Hemmings Classic Car

E.J. Pennington

clothes were fancy, his tastes expensive, and he regularly received “fake” telegrams from wealthy men begging him to let them invest with him. He was fond of summoning all of the men of influence in a small city and making impressive presentations to them. He could perform just enough real-world engineering and fabrication to put his marks at ease. He

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Hemmings Classic Car4 мин. чтенияAutomotive
Do You Hear Crickets?
IF YOU HANG AROUND ENOUGH car folk, you are bound to hear quite often, “I’ve never seen one of those in person.” I know I’ve said it even about cars I have forced you to ponder in this column. However, this month’s feature car I have not only seen in
Hemmings Classic Car1 мин. чтения
Owner’s View
One day, years ago, we were in George and Kathleen’s garage, and she’d thrown a plastic sheet over the open Packard. At that time, their garage roof had a leak. That piece of plastic was bellowed down in a big bowl over the front and back seats, and
Hemmings Classic Car1 мин. чтения
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