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Lead ban stymied by Czechs

A move to ban lead shot across the EU has been thwarted. The proposed regulations would have banned any use

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Stopping To Shot
The progression to ‘stopping to shot’ is simply another step on from the previous exercise, which should be fully learned and understood by the dog before moving on. Hunt or recall the dog and, when it is moving, blow the stop whistle. Then throw the
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Winchester’s Wild West
Most readers will be familiar with the name Oliver F Winchester and associate it with the bestselling brand of lever-action rifles the world has ever seen. What many will not be aware of, however, is that Oliver Winchester was not a gunsmith and the
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Foot Position
The other main aspect of lesson three is foot position and how it affects the shot process. Good foot position can greatly help, as much as poor foot position can impede it. If your foot position is right at the gun hold point, or where the target is