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Blooming marvellous

Fantasy author George RR Martin famously divided writers into architects and gardeners – those who plan and outline their novels before writing, and those who make it up as they go along: discovery writers.

I have always considered myself to be a discovery writer, but in the last few months, while I have been working on the first novel in a projected fantasy trilogy, I have found myself falling into a third camp, which I have christened ‘landscape gardeners’.

Landscape gardeners are writers who decide what to write as

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Reaching Out Tentacles
Some years ago I wrote a series of anonymous blog posts for The Bookseller, the esteemed organ of the book trade. The articles were intended to raise various issues in the business with a frankness I could not achieve under my own name – the disrupti
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Remote Learning
Well, 2020 was certainly a long year, but for many of us writers one of its rare bright spots was the sudden growth in online writing activity. We saw a whole host of virtual performances, virtual readings, even entire writing conferences and convent