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e’ve all heard of authors who say that their characters have taken over the page. You may have even experienced it yourself. Instead of doing what the author wants, they go rogue and the author has no choice but to go with them. The story, they say, is almost always better for it. But what if our writing puts our characters in a place or situation where they and the writer are at a loss at how to proceed?

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Global Non-fiction Market
Dissent is proud to be ‘A pillar of leftist intellectual provocation’ and this quarterly magazine of politics and ideas publishes ‘the very best in political argument, and takes pride in cultivating the next generation of labour journalists, cultural
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Your Writing Critiqued
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Poetry In Practice
There are times when, having worked on a poem, you are not satisfied with it, or you may think it is not the poem you had in mind. Perhaps your thoughts are in a tangle, and words won’t come together as you would like them to Or maybe the structure o