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’m hugely pleased that we managed to get Eoin Colfer as our star interview this month. And not only because Eoin is an extremely talented and popular writer, whose sales would be the envy of just about all of us. What, grew from making a start on what he thought would be another children’s book, but when his early drafts deviated from the plan and steering it back on track felt wrong, he simply embraced the change and committed to the new direction. And that’s a valuable example for the rest of us. All too often we try to find new ways to plough the same furrow, because our style or genre is somehow set. We decide early on what kind of writer to be, and resist anything that takes us off the ‘correct’ path. But don’t be too hard on yourself; let yourself enjoy your writing and follow interesting diversions. As Eoin’s example shows, you might not know the right destination until you find it.

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