RECOIL Presents: Concealment


Ever had a politician call you for advice on a gun bill? I have, and I’m just a regular person from the burbs. I don’t have a prestigious job, money, or special political training. I don’t even like politics. How did I get into a position of influence, and more importantly, how can you?

Like gun training, political advocacy begins with changing your personal narrative from one of helplessness to one of empowerment. Politics isn’t something that only happens to you. You can influence and control it — sometimes in small ways, sometimes in big ways.

Effective political advocacy is a skill, which means you can improve regardless of where you start. Every small move you make toward better advocacy affects the larger political climate around you. While you can’t always get everything you want or prevent every bad outcome, you can stack the deck in your favor. And like any other skill, you can make long-lasting improvements by investing sweat equity rather than simply throwing money at it.


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