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Survival Is Indigenous

Tell us a bit about Future Ancestral Technologies. What can people expect visually?

is indigenous science fiction. I combine unique objects, futuristic narratives, and symbiotic

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Trail Feathers
Birding on the trail generally means trading longer distances and rapid heartbeats for the mindfulness of sounds and sights in the surrounding environment—a rustle in the brush, exuberant birdsong, flashy plumage. These hikes allow you to enjoy the t
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Desiree Loggins
When birds migrate thousands of miles, they follow rivers, flying along the water flow’s metallic gleam. As a birder and ecologist, Desiree Loggins has worked to protect those vital river and shoreline environments. A Sacramento native, Loggins lande
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Out of Site
The RV life is booming. At Aloha RV, in Albuquerque, owner Peter Larson estimates the dealership’s sales were up about 20 percent in 2020. “Thirty percent of those sales are new RVers,” he says. Whether you’re a newbie or a full-timer, these New Mexi