29 Halloween Movies For Kids Based on Their Age

The Halloween season is all about spooky decorations, creepy costumes, and, of course, horror flicks. Whether your child is a scary-movie-lover or not, there's a Halloween movie out there for every kid to enjoy based on their age and how much of a fright they can handle.

Read through to see which movies can go on your family watch list this Halloween (plus a few scary movies at the end for your brave tweens and teens!).

The Worst Witch

Rating: G

Age of kids that can handle it: 6 and up

Why it's scary: Unless your child is very sensitive, most of the scariness in this movie is comedic, and no one is hurt as a result of any of the violence. Elementary-aged kids should have no problem with this one, but if there are toddlers in the room, they could get frightened.

Everett Collection
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Rating: PG

Age of kids that can handle it: 7 and up

Harry and his friends fight off a troll, Voldemort appears as a face on the back of someone else's head, and there is a flashback of Voldemort killing Harry's parents, but . Though this , there is a scene and

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