Changing of the guards

So, it’s almost time to make that once-in-adecade choice of which next-gen console to go for. Having carefully studied all those Not-E3 presentations, I’m left with one conclusion: all I want for Christmas is Cyberpunk 2077.

To be fair to both Sony and Microsoft, it’s rare that any launch titles are killer apps (Nintendo excepted) to the point I couldn’t even tell you what the PS4 or Xbox One day-one lineup was without Googling them. Back in 2013, it wasn’t the lineup that swayed this buyer, it was what each console maker stood for and which one I thought I’d get the best gaming experience from over the next seven years. Despite being an adoring 360 owner, the PS4 got my vote. This time around, it seems a straight choice between ‘more exclusives via Sony studios’ or ‘more gaming for your dollar via Game Pass’. The latter is tempting but if there’s one thing that’s defined this generation

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