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ICHAEL PURYEAR DESCRIBES himself as a furniture maker, but his work shows that he is far more than that. As his (2010) attests, Puryear is also a kind of historian, one who uses the tools of material culture to plumb our nation’s history and provide truth and insight into the story of how African Americans came to be here. The artist, brother of sculptor Martin Puryear, characterizes himself as an artisan and uses functional design to subtly tell stories of the complex and fraught relationships that African Americans have with the country where they live. With his attentive selection of historically resonant materials, allusions to particular cultural styles, and his considered, detailed craftsmanship, Puryear creates objects that suggest political and social analysis can be produced with block plane, dovetail saw, mortise chisel, and joiner’s mallet, and that an

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Treasured Objects
GROWING UP IN THE Philippines, superstitions and cultural myths were ingrained in my thinking. My mother, Lamberta Lozada, was a full-time teacher and quite the serial entrepreneur back in the ’60s. We had a grocery store, dry cleaning service, three
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Gifting Handmade
WHILE THE LAST 10 MONTHS have been filled with upheaval and loss, they have also offered the unexpected gift of connecting more deeply to what is essential. And if there was ever a moment to step up and support craftspeople and artists, it is now. As
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A Gift From You Helps Makers Share Theirs
The American Craft Council is working hard on behalf of artists through the pandemic, but we need your support to do so. A gift from you will help us invest in opportunities that allow artists to live creative and sustainable lives – all while contin