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How do you look for something that you aren’t yet aware existed, from a world you can only try to imagine? It might seem impossible for us to study a species that we have never coexisted with, but this is something palaeontologists and fossil hunters do every day.

When humans first encountered dinosaurs, they had been extinct for over 65 million years. Everything we have come to know about dinosaurs today has been learned through our understanding of the planet’s geology and analysing the ancient remains of these

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Folding Phone Teardown
Tablets are the ideal portable device for viewing videos and images, playing games and navigating the web on a larger screen. But when compared to phones, they just aren’t as practical for using on the move. Since 2018, however, a handful of mobile p
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NASA’s Rocket Hub
The Saturn V rocket was built with the intention of sending humans to the Moon, and became successful in doing so when launching several of the historic Apollo missions into space. At 111 metres tall, it set a record at the time for being the largest
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The Journey Of Sound Waves
The outside of the ear collects sound waves in the air and directs them into the ear canal, like a funnel. When a sound hits the eardrum, it causes this thin membrane to vibrate. As the eardrum vibrates, it causes this set of three bones to move and