White Horses


I kick steadily on my back, my body beneath my board. Arms working to try steady the small fibreglass craft beneath our two passengers. We traverse the chop in a manner defying every intended design function of the 6’2” thruster. The deep blue fades into black beneath us. In my mind I picture our lost bags sinking into the abyss and with them, my greatest fear… the taxman. My recently completed yet unsubmitted tax files are drowning with my laptop somewhere in this expanse of Pacific blue. Damn you, ATO.

It started in the west of the country, an area strung together by island-flecked lagoons and white sandy beaches, the ocean dense with fish and well-toothed creatures of both finned

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I have known Mt Woodgee’s surfboard artist Willy Nicholls for a number of years and over the course of many conversations and a couple of beers, I’ve managed to get an idea of his life story. Willy grew up in the New Zealand coastal area of Mt Maunga
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Perfect West
Jeff Divine: This was taken on the morning of the Offshore Pipeline Masters contest in 1980. The swell was perfect, strong and from the west with giant peaks. It would stand up on the reef at eight to ten-foot Hawaiian size and then wind down to thre
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The Trawler
I shot this in 2011, a good couple of years before Wavegarden or Kelly’s pool popped up, and it’s still the closest I’ve come to experiencing an artificial wave. I was shooting a Creative Destruction episode for Wade Goodall with Laurie Towner and De