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Whipping Pudding into Shape

If a pudding or pastry cream has become lumpy during cooking, Patricia Williams of Houston, Texas, turns to a restaurant trick to smooth things out: She uses an immersion blender to quickly blend the pudding until it’s smooth and then passes the pudding through a fine-mesh strainer to remove any remaining solid bits.

Clump-Free Sugar

After going to measure granulated sugar and finding that it had caked and turned into a solid white brick, Gregory Sarafin of Center Moriches, N.Y., turned to his potato masher. With a few

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• Taste five supermarket bone broths, priced from about $0.10 to about $0.50 per ounce • Taste plain, warmed until simmering • Two highest-rated products only: Taste plain against favorite supermarket chicken stock • Top product only: Taste against f
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Spring Radish Primer
In ancient Greece, there was a vegetable so revered that Greeks offered pure-gold replicas to Apollo, god of sun, light, music, poetry, prophecy, and more. The prized produce? Radishes. (Beets, on the other hand, were cast in silver; lowly turnips, l
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Lights, Camera, Pasta
Editor in Chief The popular YouTube channel Pasta Grannies features grandmothers kneading, rolling, and cutting fresh pasta from their home kitchens across Italy. After six years of weekly videos, it has grown into something of an archive of regional