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Tamaki Māori Village was founded in 1989 and is located deep within an ancient Tawa forest in Rotorua. Here, visitors can take part in an evening experience that explores the Māori way of life. The experience lasts for three-and-a-half hours and visitors will witness ceremonial rituals and traditions, performances and storytelling. Tamaki also has many opportunities for fun, interactive learning including the chance to learn the haka, weaving, carving, tattooing and poi – a performance art. Visitors can also talk to members of the village and learn about their ancestry first-hand. On top

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Professor Edith Hall
Edith Hall is professor in the Classics Department at King’s Collect London, specialising in Ancient Greek literature and cultural history. She has published several books including Aristotle’s Way: Ten Ways Ancient Wisdom Can Change Your Life (The B
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Scotland And England Had Not Unified?
What are some of the key events leading up to the union between England and Scotland? When Margaret, the Maid of Norway and uncrowned queen of Scotland, died in 1290, she had been betrothed to the future King Edward II of England. Had she not died, c
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Battle Of Kawanakajima
It was the height of the Sengoku Jidai (1467-1603), the terrible age when Japan’s imperial system nearly collapsed among feuding warlords. As powerful samurai families vied for supremacy one particular rivalry echoed through the centuries to be haile