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GWCT club to fill the COVID-19 gap

The GWCT is halfway to filling

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Playing Cat And Mouse
I had a surprise visitor while writing the accompanying article. A mouse suddenly appeared on my desk and sat studying me with quivering whiskers and beady eyes. Its appearance wasn’t a complete surprise as I had glimpsed the mini beast in my kitchen
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Native Britain
Latin name: Lepista nuda Common name: Wood blewit Other names: Blue hat, blue cap, blue leg How to spot it and where to find it: This unusually coloured mushroom grows among leaf litter in deciduous and mixed woodland, as well as under hedgerows.
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Fairness, First And Foremost
Tom was showing a video to the group of people huddled around his phone screen. Someone in Texas, wearing a camouflage-print shirt and red bandana, was talking with an incomprehensible Southern twang about ‘huntin’ hogs’ and holding a military-lookin