Our State: Celebrating North Carolina

Scenes from a Museum

hadn’t taken a single art class in school, owing to the fact that my artistic ability is limited to doodles and stick figures. I’d never helped paint a poster for a class president or papier-mâché’d a float for homecoming, and I most certainly was not a member of the high school art club. Yet none of that stopped me from

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Our State: Celebrating North Carolina4 мин. чтения
Strolling the halls of this world-class art museum is a great way to spend a chilly day, but bundle up, because the adventure only begins inside. In the Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park, discover modernist sculptures and peaceful lawns; walk in the
Our State: Celebrating North Carolina7 мин. чтения
Before it was a badge of honor, “Tar Heel” was a derogatory term for workers in the naval stores industry, who toiled — most likely barefoot in the summertime — to coax tar, pitch, and turpentine from the pines across our Coastal Plain. State lore ho
Our State: Celebrating North Carolina4 мин. чтенияRegional & Ethnic
WHEN THE NAME came to her, Chef Coleen Speaks was sitting on the floor of the warehouse’s former bathroom, looking around at the small space and the seafoam green square tiles on the walls. What is this space going to be? she wondered. Built in 1955