Trump And Biden On Global Issues: From Reproductive Rights To Refugees

Here are the positions of the two candidates on issues ranging from the Mexico City policy (involving abortion services) to refugees to membership in the World Health Organization.
Foreign aid takes many forms — and Trump and Biden have differing perspectives. Above: Members of the Honduran Armed Forces carry a box of COVID-19 diagnostic testing kits donated by the United States Agency for International Development and the International Organization for Migration. Source: Orlando Sierra

This election season – like many before it – has been dominated by domestic issues. But whether Americans elect Donald Trump or Joe Biden president will also have significant consequences for the rest of the world, especially those countries that count on U.S. foreign aid. And when it comes to aid and other global issues, Trump and Biden's policies are starkly different.

While former Vice President Biden has outlined some of his plans and priorities for the future, President Trump's campaign has focused more on what he's done in his first term. Still, Trump's past words and actions should be a good indicator of how he intends to move forward if re-elected.

Below is a summary of that Trump and Biden have said (or done) on these matters.

On the U.S. foreign aid strategy

Trump's "America First" mantra extends to his foreign aid philosophy. In 2018, , "Moving forward, we are only going to give foreign aid to those who respect us and, that have been largely praised by the development sector, like moving away from a traditional donor-recipient model of aid to more partnerships. However, former USAID Administrator Mark Green who oversaw the changes says the president was "not really" involved in the work.

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