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HomePod was introduced to much fanfare in 2018, but it was a smaller, more affordable smart device that consumers were crying out for. Two years later, Apple has finally delivered, unveiling the all-new HomePod mini that unlocks exciting possibilities for Siri and the Apple ecosystem. Echo Dot and Nest Mini watch out: there’s a new smart speaker kid on the block!


At Apple’s Special Event this October, watched by millions of consumers and tech critics around the world, Tim Cook decided that the company should lead not with the introduction of the all-new 5G iPhone 12 range, but an altogether different device. The HomePod mini has been rumored for a number of years, designed to help Apple better compete with the likes of Google Nest Mini and Amazon Echo Dot - small, sub-$50 smart speakers that have changed the game and allowed consumers to build their own smart homes on a budget. In typical Apple . Though HomePod is undoubtedly superior to the cheaper Echo and Nest devices, Apple’s pricing and marketing strategy meant the device has struggled to make an impact. With the introduction of HomePod mini, Apple could finally crack into the smart home sector.

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