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1,600 The number of meals served daily by the kitchens at Hampton Court Palace when the King

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What If... William The Conqueror Had Lost At Hastings?
So much hinged on the battle of Hastings on 14 October 1066. Victory for William, duke of Normandy, ushered in the Norman Conquest and huge political, administrative, cultural, religious and social changes. It established a new royal dynasty and aris
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By Kate Vigurs Yale University Press, £20, hardback, 352 pages The World War II exploits of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) – a secret organisation tasked with espionage, sabotage and aiding the resistance in occupied Europe – continue to fas
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US engineer George Blonsky and his wife Charlotte patented a room-sized machine in 1965 intended to help women give birth by centrifugal force. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the couple did not have a child at the time. Due to steel shortages after World Wa