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Roll call of the Tuis

hile the 2020 Aotearoa Music Awards is celebrating the past with its mass hall-of-fame induction, the nominations for this year’s Tuis suggest that despite recent upheavals, the present is sounding rather and Jawsh685’s , songs that became international hits. And despite having released yet another album they can’t think of a proper title for, Six60 and are nominated in every category that will have them. Here are the finalists…

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Shot Of Defiance
Dave Grohl became such a part of rock’s rich tapestry these past two decades you’d be forgiven for thinking he has always been something of a senior statesman. At 52, Grohl – Nirvana’s drummer who emerged as the frontman/songwriter for his all-conque
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Being Frank
From Takapuna, on Auckland’s North Shore, to Kirkwall, the main town on Orkney Island, is a distance of 17,580km. Yet those two widely separated places are now connected, thanks to Orkneybased Scots writer and musician Duncan McLean, 57, who publishe
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Know Your Alliums
The world’s oldest-known recipes, which date back to 1730BC and are from Mesopotamia, show that the ingredients used were not entirely dissimilar to those of today. When you prepare a spag bol or simple stir-fry, for example, it’s likely you’ll be sl