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Double jeopardy

ernard Beckett began writing a few years back as bedtime reading for his twin boys, completing a section each day. The novel opens with twins Arlo and Stefan deciding to investigate an abandoned house late at night. They spot a light flickering behind grimy windows.

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Health Briefs
Breathing second-hand tobacco smoke could increase your risk of cancer by 51%, according to a meta-analysis of studies by Portuguese researchers. Data from almost 7000 people was examined and those exposed for more than 10-15 years were more than twi
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Feed The World
Blockchain technology provides a transparent, online form of accounting that keeps all farm data in one place. Agricultural start-ups have used it to trace the origins of foods, to facilitate crop insurance and to allow farmers to organise transactio
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The Best Of The Week
NATURE: FIGHT FOR THE WILD (TVNZ 1, 7.35pm). Well, it is a nice change to have some local wildlife in this slot usually dominated by natural-history programmes made for the BBC. It’s the first in a four-part series covering the Predator Free 2050 pro