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Stick a fork in it

My family has had, until very recently, this very odd vision of what it means to be a writer. It involves bonbons, pajamas all day, siestas. Probably a fainting couch.

Now, listen. I would love a fainting couch, but that is not in the cards. Writing is one of the most brain-intensive things I can think of doing with my day. The tasks at hand are varied: We might be querying new work; trying to sketch out a new essay; working on a different form, or revising. But regardless of what it is a writer is doing, it all still

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The Writer
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Inkers Con
As more and more people get vaccinated against COVID-19, Inkers Con – an annual conference based in Dallas, Texas – will offer writers the best of both in-person and remote panels and workshops in June 2021. “We’ll have the energy and excitement of t
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Dear Editor
I miss rejection slips. Not that I enjoyed receiving those ignominious pre-printed slips of paper, but at least when my SASE came back, I was pretty sure an editor, or an assistant editor, or an assistant’s assistant, had put it in the envelope. Ther