Nothing major?

On a grey and damp winter’s day, a lovely, beautifully presented woman in her mid-50s came to see me. She just wasn’t feeling her normal self: lots of niggly symptoms had started to bother her and she was concerned as she had friends that kept telling her she was just getting old, but she did not want to accept this perspective.

On discussing the issues with her, nothing was seriously wrong. She had a few aches and pains and was getting repeated doses of low-grade colds and flu infections. It was

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WellBeing3 мин. чтенияMedical
Recent Medical Findings For A Healthier Body
There is archaeological evidence that indicates that humans have been consuming capers for at least 10,000 years. These immature flower buds of the caper bush are eaten pickled and have also been used as folk medicine. In a new study from the Univers
WellBeing12 мин. чтенияPsychology
Building Emotional And Psychological Wellness
When 5472 Danish citizens were asked to rank the severity of their own health problems, they rated depression and breathing problems the most unendurable. Unfortunately, depression and anxiety are increasing global issues. In Australia one in five of
WellBeing2 мин. чтенияDiet & Nutrition
Food Source
If you want to make your body overjoyed, put some açaí in your diet. Amazon Power Original Açaí have so many potential health benefits. They are loaded with real plant compounds that act as antioxidants and might have benefits for your overall health