New Zealand Listener

Kevin Ireland

wo books have stood out above others for most of my life, though a third choice has to be selected

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New Zealand Listener2 мин. чтения
Beyond Baffling
We had a great Anzac turnout in the village this year. Covid marred last year, of course, and there was no parade. So this year, pretty much everyone turned up, cheerful but quiet in a bitter Otago westerly. The crowd included some returned service p
New Zealand Listener2 мин. чтения
Spilt Milk
FIRST COW In the opening scene, a dog-walker happens on human remains in a forest. But don’t be fooled, as I was, into thinking that First Cow is going to be a juicy crime procedural. This tale of pared-down frontier life is much more nuanced and une
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Nutrition Bites
People with higher red-meat intake have worse heart health, Queen Mary University of London researchers found. Comparing database images and records of 20,000 patients, those who reported high meat consumption had smaller ventricles, poorer heart fun