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Sonic recall

he 250th anniversary last year of James Cook’s arrival in New Zealand stirred up a mix of emotions nationally, grief and rage surfacing alongside celebratory events. Michael Norris, one of several composers commissioned to write new works

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What Doesn’t Kill You …
Radioactivity may not be as dangerous as previously thought. That’s the message from a large-scale survey by Israeli scientists who compared background radiation levels in all 3129 US counties with health statistics from those counties. The rocks and
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Whānau & aroha
Agentle, lightly cooked documentary about a centenarian and her middle-aged son living harmoniously in Kawakawa, Northland, James & Isey touches on issues of colonisation and Māori identity. It also provides some insight into tikanga, but at its big
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Poison Or Remedy?
In Elizabeth Kolbert’s own words, her latest book is about people fixing problems created by people fixing problems – and invariably giving the next generation yet more wicked problems to fix. In all her writing, including her Pulitzer Prize-winning