Dumbo Feather

The Cycles that Sustain Us

Linear & Cyclical Time

The notion that time happens in a linear way, from past to present to future, is relatively new in human thought, and is most common in western cultures, where time is also seen as measurable, usually in dollars. In industrialised societies, time is precious, it’s a commodity, something that you can “run out of.” When a linear view is applied to time, there is a beginning and an end to things, hence why it feels scarce. In the east, however, time is often seen as never-ending. It is abundant. This derives from a more cyclical conception of time, which emphasises repetition, and is influenced by the cycles that happen in the

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Dear reader, I’m often gobsmacked by how much my thinking has been shaped by the culture our dominant systems impose. While working on this issue, I’ve been unpacking my own (largely unconscious) relationship with rest, and realising how dismissive I
Dumbo Feather3 мин. чтенияBiology
Cycles of Growth & Rest
The seed of a deciduous tree falls from the branch of its mother. Destined, like her mother, to become a female tree, she lands and rests upon the earth. Depending on seed and circumstance, she might rest there for years. If and when conditions are f
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Dumbo Feather
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