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Solve the puzzle byfollowing the arrowsand writing in youranswers. Then

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3 Of The Best Bar Cleansers
Faith In Nature Lavender Soap, £2.29, This moisturising cleanser bar is made from 100% natural ingredients with a lovely, uplifting fragrance. The plastic-free packaging means it’s good for the planet as well as your skin. UpCircl
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Gone In An Instant
Carly Sygrove, 38 Sitting at my desk, my head shot up from my books as one of my students blew a raspberry. ‘Who was that?’ I asked, unable to tell where the sound had come from. It was 2017 and I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed my hearing had let
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Bloodbath On A Sunday
Gathered around the fire pit, watching the flames crackle as they sipped cans of beer, a group of young people chatted about the day’s game. It was Super Bowl Sunday 2017. Held on the first Sunday every February, it’s the day the final game of the Am