Grow to Eat


2 thumb-sized pieces of fresh unpeeled ginger, gratedJuice of 1 lemonPinch of pink saltSmall dash black pepper (or cayenne pepper, if you can handle it)3 lemon balm or mint leaves, chopped5 whole fennel seeds

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The Potato Of The Tropics
Depending on who you ask and where you read, the madumbe is either indigenous to South Africa or was introduced in the 1500s and has become naturalised. (We tend to go with the latter theory.) Apparently it is one of the oldest food crops in the worl
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Climb A Slinky
This is actually too easy to be a called a DIY, but it is fun and works well. A slinky Some thin wire A stick or stake Some climbing plants, like peas or beans Hammer, pliers To do 1. Once the stake is driven into the ground with a hammer, drop the s
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The Best Fruit Hangs Over The Fence!
Life threw me a curve ball some years ago, forcing me to move temporarily into a granny flat with a very neglected garden. Just like any gardener in the same boat would do, I tried desperately to find comfort in any plant, which in this case was an o