Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn broke ground in Wisconsin, the massive LCD factory and accompanying tech reported in October. The company’s Wisconsin outpost was supposed to create 13,000 jobs; as of this year it employed no more than 281 people.

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Judges Stick Up For Asset Forfeiture Victim
POLICE IN MOORESVILLE, North Carolina, found a small amount of marijuana in a man’s car and used it to justify seizing nearly $17,000 of his money. Thankfully, a state judge is raising hell over it. In November, Jermaine Sanders was staying at a hote
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Grant McCracken on How To Reengineer the Honor Code
IN THE NEW Honor Code: A Simple Plan for Raising Our Standards and Restoring Our Good Names (Tiller Press), anthropologist, brand consultant to the stars, and past Reason contributor Grant McCracken explores the history and use of the honor code, arg
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Wanted: A Better Way To Think About Health Care
IN THE DEPRESSION summer of 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gradually concluded that the country needed a broad-based, government-led program to assure Americans’ economic security. He thus created the Committee on Economic Security, led by suc