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Saff on Buns, Johan’s Jöe, West Palm Beach.

These raisin-filled, saffron-spiced pastries are a Swedish Winter Solstice tradition. They’re available all

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Alejandro Celis
A West Palm Beach native and still a downtown resident today, Alejandro Celis, 34, is best known for cofounding Celis Produce and Crema Rolls, both of which have locations around the county—and cult followings. With roots in Medellín, Colombia, Celis
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Palm Beach Illustrated
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Miami Beach BECKONS
If sumptuous luxury is the heart of the Faena Hotel Miami Beach, then art is its soul. Faena’s reverence for all things artistic is evident in its entry lobby—affectionately dubbed The Cathedral—which is decked in gold-leaf columns and lush murals by