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Strawberry Santa

Strawberries; whipped cream in a canister; melted chocolate; a chopstick for dotting chocolate eyes Easy, fast and cute, but wholly unsuited to the South African climate. My strawberry Santas became strawberry puddles within five minutes.

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The Acid Test
Serves 4 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 5 minutes Cooking: 15 minutes nectarines 8sugar 100 ghoney 3 Twater 1 cupWoolworths prosecco vinegar 4 Tbay leaves 2cinnamon stick 1vanilla ice cream, for servingWoolworths almond, hazelnut and coffee granola
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Nuts About Almonds
So, you love to snack on almonds, the question is do you know where they come from? Woolies carefully sources its non-pareil supreme almonds from California. Due to California’s ideal Mediterranean-like climate, it supplies over 70% of the world’s al
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But Is It Kosher?
Prior to my first sleepover at Merv Merris’s house, his mother asked a question she would regret: “Nik, what’s your favourite food?” For reasons that will shortly become clear, I replied “guinea fowl casserole”. She said: “That is both treif and hard