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Getting better all the time

left school in 1968 aged sixteen. No chance of sixth form, university or any higher education. It was manual labour and trying to provide for my family. But as writers know there is a little bug inside saying, ‘write’. In 2012 I enrolled in a creative writing course and was shocked at how illiterate I was. Yes I could read and write but as to creating a literary piece of work, I was starting from a very low base. People say, usually those who have had a higher education, that it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been to uni or wherever. It does. Eight years on I have learnt an awful lot but there is so much more to learn. Sometimes I find Writing Magazine quite daunting when reading about fellow writers’ education and life experiences. I can’t help

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Editorial Calendar
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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
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Circles’ Roundup
All Seasons’ Writing Group I set up the All Seasons writing group in October 2017, writes Cilla Shiels. I’d sadly lost my husband earlier that year and asked for donations to be given to Warrington Disability Partnership (a service and support centre