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Critics labeled the iPhone 12 Apple’s biggest leap forward in years, with analysts suggesting that the Cupertino company will shift close to 70 million units before the end of 2020. As if the iPhone 12 range wasn’t popular enough, Apple has announced a partnership with carrier Verizon to make iPhone the most compelling business smartphone, offering 5G on the go.


Though we knew most of the iPhone 12’s design and infrastructure changes before Tim Cook announced its launch at a virtual event in September, critics and consumers alike were still overwhelmingly positive upon release. Apple says that iPhone 12 range - now available in four sizes, including a smaller mini model - ushers in a new era for smartphones, bringing 5G capabilities to the masses and unlocking exciting new possibilities with faster processors and advanced augmented reality tools. In a year where users are spending more time on their phones than with iPhone 12 shipments slipping. That’s on top of the staggered release, which saw the flagship iPhone 12 and premium iPhone 12 Pro released before the mini and Max versions.

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