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Great reef’s status lowered to critical

THE health of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the world’s most extensive and spectacular coral reef ecosystem, is in a critical state and deteriorating as climate

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Williams In Superior Space Than Dismal Khune
KAIZER Chiefs have arguably unearthed the finest goalkeepers in the South African topflight league more than any other club. The impressive record dates all the way back to the days of Peter Bal’ac, Gary Bailey, Eshele Botende, Wade du Plessis, Brian
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Quick Read
ACCORDING to a recent study in the US, jobs that can be performed remotely tend to be more secure and better paid than jobs that require your physical presence. Research conducted by Cornell University showed that the demand for jobs that require spe
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How Hotels Are Turning To Machines To Beat Pandemic
STAFF at Hotel Sky in Johannesburg’s wealthy Sandton district adhere to strict Covid-19 protocols, wearing masks and physically distancing from guests as much as possible; all, that is, except Lexi, Micah and Ariel. For the three concierges couldn’t