Are we human beings, especially here in the ‘civilised world’, not masters at reinterpreting the truth? Do we not see everything that burdens us as a short, temporary phase on the way to boundless freedom and domination of our planet, which we already see as a fait accompli except for a few minor difficulties, the overcoming of which is only a matter of time? Thus are we not fully convinced that we can successfully tackle any problems and adversities that try to stand in the way of our expansionist drive, by using our intelligence and technology? And do we not finally tinker with nanotechnology, high-tech and chemical medicines as well as genetic engineering in seeking to ‘improve’ the perceived imperfections in nature, so that our final victory over the seemingly flawed natural processes will be complete?

Well, it is sadly a fact that we revel so much in details, that we have long lost the ability to survey the whole in a calm, concise, and objective manner! We go down blind alleys, from which we must urgently retreat if we are not to come to a total standstill upon reaching the impasse at the end.

Is it not true that we have mutated from a human being who was once defined by the extent of his to one defined by his and finally to one who is defined by the extent of his There is much in favour of this view. Both the production and advertising industries make sizeable profits by exploiting the fact that we are not satisfied with what we already own and want more and more. It is often suggested that

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