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henever you see the word used in connection with public finances, you may be sure that lies, simplifications, omissions and false dichotomies are sure to follow. Recently I read the following headline a magazine for members of the British Medical Association: Austerity - Covid's little helper.

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A Question Of Taste
WHEN IT WAS OPENED IN 1927 the restaurant at Tate Britain was located in what was fatefully called the “most amusing room in Britain”. I was taken there as an undergraduate by a Yale professor of liberal views who loved wine. It had in those days an
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Crooked Compendium
WRITE OF WHAT YOU KNOW, they say, and Ms Lees, properly Gibson-Lees, seems well-suited to her self-imposed task. Her father was probably a spy (the crime), and in Hong Kong, where Ms Lees spent her youth, her mother was a headmistress (the dictionary
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Anne McElvoy on Theatre
SONIA FRIEDMAN is a doyenne of theatrical production in London — as tough as they come from a family born to the stage. As the pandemic unleashed lockdowns around the world she closed 18 productions, forfeiting revenues for the year of many tens of m