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ave you ever wondered why your energy levels are sky-high one day, only to hit rock bottom the next? Or why you ooze with self-confidence at the beginning of the week, only to slip into a state of self-doubt as the days roll by? The moon is said to be like a mirror to our soul, governing all our experiences from joy to fear, sadness to anger. Our physical energy and emotions are in a constant state of change, which coincide with

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Look for one with a good level of omega-3 fatty acids and especially EPA as this is most helpful for reducing inflammation. TRY Og Omega-3 plus with EPA (£39.99 for a month’s supply, ogwellbeing.com) These provide the building blocks for cartilage pr
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Go On A Dechox!
Us Brits eat an estimated 11kg of chocolate each, every year. But while the odd piece is fine, if you’re eating it all the time you could pose a few problems. The problem isn’t the cocoa – that’s been shown to have health benefits including helping l
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Loneliness SOS
It’s ironic how even though we’re more connected than ever, we are a nation that’s never been more lonely. It doesn’t matter how old you are, nobody is immune to loneliness. And, despite being traditionally seen as an epidemic associated with the eld