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A Matter of TIME

If you’re into any sort of endurance sport like running, cycling or triathlon, there’s a good chance that, at some point, you’ve looked at the professionals at the sharp end and had a thought along the lines of, Imagine how much faster I would be if only I could train full-time...

However, as I found out, you don’t necessarily need your days to be empty in order to reach your sporting goals.


A few years ago, I waited nervously at the startline of my first ever bike race. I’ve always been a bit impetuous, so my first event wasn’t some local ten-miler. I was in Belgium ready to begin the legendary Transcontinental Race: a non-stop 4,000km dash to Greece without any sort of outside support. I’d gone from not even owning a proper bike to getting myself ready for this mammoth race in a matter of months, and I did all those hours of training despite a demanding job and a social life.

The following year, I

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