Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist

Making the Cut

I have enjoyed lapidary for several years, but it wasn’t until last year that I broke with what I call the small time. Once I’d made friends with my slab saw, though, I ventured into a phase of the hobby that has expanded my interest, output, and enjoyment. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I shied away from using a slab saw for a good while. I’m not a big fan of power tools, generally, and never have been, primarily because I am very attached to my fingers, literally and figuratively! I had a great uncle who his friends and coworkers called Three-Fingered Bill Benson, the result of a little disagreement he’d had with a printing press many years ago. Just call my family technologically challenged.

This apprehension isn’t warranted, though. Anyone who would like to expand their lapidary skills by using a slab saw should look into it. Once you get the opportunity to use one and see it operate, there’s a good chance you will be hooked on it.

The What and How

What is a slab saw and how does it work? A slab saw is a machine used for cutting rocks, glass, and minerals into

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