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“We’re at each other’s throats, but we also need each other. Which is a great place to be for a comedy,” Kevin James says of the setup

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America’s Got…simon
THE VERDICT IS in: America’s Got Talent is back in business, and nobody is happier about that than Simon Cowell. NBC’s hit summer reality competition series, which has astonished fans with its wide range of gifted contestants since 2006, faced its mo
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Ask Matt
@TVGMMattRoush At some point, the iconic character of Young Sheldon is going to have to leave the nest, and will we have to get used to a postpubescent Iain Armitage as not-so-young Sheldon who looks nothing like The Big Bang Theory’s adult Sheldon,
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@damianholbrook for bringing Hetty (Linda Hunt, left) back home. All year, the team’s beloved operations manager has been “on a mission” (which is code for keeping the actress safe in the time of COVID), but in CBS’s Season 12 finale, she finally ret