UK/US: Netflix, streaming now

Producer Nigel Paterson

Narrator Sophie Okonedo

EPISODES 1.01-1.04

centuries’ time, a documentary series like this will probably be hosted by a clone of David

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BY THE MID-2000S, writer and producer Ronald D Moore was a major player in sci-fi television. He came up in the medium the old-school way, steadily moving up the writing ladder of experience, eventually gaining the kind of critical cred that translat
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IF THERE’S ONE IMAGE SYNONYMOUS WITH THE career of writer/director David Cronenberg it’s arguably the head-explosion from 1981’s science fiction horror Scanners. The bloody culmination to a hostile meeting of minds between two “scanners” (superhumans
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When we last saw Bill and Ted they were playing a concert to the entire world, but now it turns out they haven’t written “the song”. So just what went wrong? If you look at the end of Bogus Journey, people are paying attention, but it doesn’t mean th