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Shake Me

It all started during lockdown. I was struggling with anxiety and fear (something that has always been a struggle of mine.) However, this time it was the last straw. On April 1 2020 – the 6 day of lockdown – I was playing my guitar and worshipping to try and take my mind off the anxiety and fear that I was facing. In that moment, I stopped and prayed and asked God that during this lockdown period, He would shake me of all the things in my past and in my present life that I hadn’t dealt with or wasn’t dealing with, everything that was the cause of my constant stress and anxiety. I proceeded to play and started writing a song. I called it ‘Unshakeable.’The words of

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Married to Miriam for 25 years • They have 4 children: Ariel (23), Maayan (21), Elad (15) , Eilon (7) • Amir has been a believer for 30 years • His favourite Scripture is: Exodus 33:13, “If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I