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HE OCEAN REMAINS a place of mystery, even to me as a marine biologist who spends more time in the water than out. Seahorses are marine animals that particularly capture the imagination of people, including myself. They’re very

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The Iceman Cometh
ON A SWELTERING January day in 1839, 250 tons of ice in huge blocks cut from frozen lakes near Boston, USA, arrived in Sydney on the ship Tartar. Overseas, harvested ice was stored in icehouses, underground buildings with thick brick walls. In Sydney
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Habitat Support
BOTH LONG-FLOWERED mistletoe plants and broad-leaved ironbark trees are vitally important to regent honeyeaters breeding in the Tomalpin Woodlands. Regents feed there on the blossoms of ironbarks and mistletoes as well as building nests in both plant
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The Hermit Of Griffith
ONE RAIN-LASHED January night in 1929, a lonely and defeated Italian immigrant by the name of Valerio Ricetti arrived on the outskirts of Griffith, New South Wales, and sought shelter in a rock overhang. Another depression-era drifter seeking work, h